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Welcome to LanVictims

LanVictims is a Brisbane based LAN which focuses on the social aspect of LANs.

LanVictims aims to provide an environment that is fun for everyone, regardless of their skill. While competitions exist at LanVictims, the focus is on playing the game, not winning the game.


Lanvictims 3rd June 2006

Allow Reg: LanVictims Event: Organiser: scythe
Date: 2006-06-03

Can Confirm From: 2006-05-27
Need to confirm:

Rules: Here

Price: $10 or $12 (unregistered)

Venue: Enoggera Computers, Cnr. Pickering St and Samford Rd, Enoggera, BRISBANE
Parking Notes: 2 bays at the front will be for drop-off only. There is some parking at the rear, but plenty in the street all around. Entry is at the rear.
Time: 10am-Midnight

Read this Paragraph:
Many things have been fixed since our last LAN, the most important one being the power. The venue has been completely rewired so we won"t be having power problems again. A second a/c unit has been installed as well. Some people had trouble with parking last LAN, please don"t park people in. There is plenty of parking in the streets around the venue. Please use these areas: park at the venue to drop your PC off, then park elsewhere.. They have been marked on the maps in light green.

Who is going: I"ll now use the alias 192, because thatll just be easier for everyone :)
BiGZ +4 Boots of Epeen
eXemplar Why"s rum gone!?!
Franger Fuck I"m awesome
godis +1337 Keyboard of 0wning
Hell Fire I was going to put some smart arse comment here, but instead I"ll just say OMG!!! PONIES!
lits my usual swag of gigabit goodies
rainwulf Venue and power and aircon and a server
sabretooth Giggity.
scythe +2 Gauntlet of Unwavering
shooter *mental note* remember to get this day off work
Snuffy +9 hat of pie
Tassadar have they also added a second floor so we can fit everyone in comfertably?
Tulip I hope you"ve had your l33tbix, you need them every day.
Iroquois cookies required
KiBBlE Shot through the heart, and your too blame..
rt_10000 Me > joo

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