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Welcome to LanVictims

LanVictims is a Brisbane based LAN which focuses on the social aspect of LANs.

LanVictims aims to provide an environment that is fun for everyone, regardless of their skill. While competitions exist at LanVictims, the focus is on playing the game, not winning the game.


LanVictims 28th February 2009 10.30am - 10.00pm $10

Allow Reg: LanVictims Event: Organiser: scythe
Date: 2009-02-28

People Registered: 25/40

Can Confirm From: 2009-02-20
Need to confirm:

Rules: Here

Price: $10 or $12 (unregistered)

Registration Process

  1. If you do not already have a forum account, you need to register Here first. If you already have an account, please log in.
  2. Register for this event Here.
  3. A Confirmation email will be sent out from 2009-02-20. Please follow its instructions, if you fail to confirm for the event, you are assumed to no longer be attending and it is counted as if you did not register.
  4. Once confirmed a liability form will be emailed to you. Parts of it will have been automatically filled in for you. PLEASE PRINT THIS OUT, read it, agree with it and sign it. If you have trouble using the emailed form, you may download a blank copy here.
  5. Failure to have a completed liability form will exclude you from the event. If you forget your form, we will have a limited number of forms at the event. IMPORTANT: if you are under 18, do not have a valid liability form signed by your legal guardian and they are not present on arrival you will not be allowed to attend. This is not negotiable.
  6. Turn up to event and have a good time.

Venue: Newmarket Bowls Club, 212 Ashgrove Ave, Ashgrove, QLD 4060 BRISBANE
Parking Notes: There should be plenty of parking, if the bowls club parking is full, drop your gear off and then park in the street.
Time: 10.30am-approx 10pm
Notes: Packup time is approximate. People should be at the venue from approx 9.30am setting up.

Who is going: mad left4dead skillz
adzgibbo extra money for swear jar
barnardj i will be left for dead.. probably
godis +1 keyboard of WIN
Hell Fire Bringing the noise!
dafugg Pants
Disco Stu
mastercyl Locked, loaded and ready to go!
Melissa bringing the awesome
thrax w0000t
Zaarin Will be late

People in main list: 25
People in Waiting List: 0
People Registered: 25
People Confirmed for Saturday: 17
People Confirmed for Sunday: 0