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Welcome to LanVictims

LanVictims is a Brisbane based LAN which focuses on the social aspect of LANs.

LanVictims aims to provide an environment that is fun for everyone, regardless of their skill. While competitions exist at LanVictims, the focus is on playing the game, not winning the game.

Site history

You could say LanVictims originated during the year of 1999. It originally consisted of a few friends from school getting together to have LANs. Shortly after starting we used the local Scout hall to host LANs.

Eventually scythe and Shooter created a website and called the LAN "Little Ol Lan" (spelt in that way, but no doubt unintentionally) or "LoL" for short.

As time passed, LoL grew more popular and in 2003 it merged with another LAN (GameVictims). The product of the merge was named "LanVictims". Since then, LanVictims has continued to grow and evolve.

In more recent years, LanVictims has hosted joint events with SwitchLAN under the name "MotherLAN" as well as assisting LanSmash with running LS Arena.

As for what the future holds for LanVictims, we can't be sure. As life progresses we get less time to work on projects such as this. However, if you wish to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.

Site designs

V1: ??? 2001 [by scythe]

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Version 1.0 of the site, as you can see was a very simple design. It comprised of 3 tables, a header, footer and the main content. It only took around 5min to make the basic design, and about 15-20min to make the images for it (with the exception of the LoL logo which took around 20-30min to make).

Once the site was all finished, I decided that it should have a flash intro to it (not shown) but I had the problem that I didnt know any Flash. So I grabbed a copy of Flash5 and (while reading a bunch of tutorials) made the Flash intro for version 1.0. The intro on the whole took just under 2 days to complete (including time to teach myself flash) and I was quite happy with the end result.

V2.1: Jan 2002

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Version 2.1 is very different from version 1.0 in that it is almost completely dynamic. It is basically comprised of a main banner as well as the page content, which was inserted into the one base index page, allowing for any design changes to only have to be made to the one page.

The site design took approximately 5hrs to make and the site coding took 3-4 days to complete.

V3: Mar 2002 [by Zaarin]

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Well, I guess this could be called version 3, but I got the original colour and idea directly from version 2. The design was written from scratch.

Everytime scythe showed me something on the site, I thought the design was a tad "boring" (of course you all will probably think that was heaps better than mine).

Anyway, one day I played around with a few ideas for the site, and pretty much came up with the design. A couple of weeks later, when I was bored I actually converted it over to html and thus the site was born.

After a bit of converting of the content it was done, and out of my hands again.

V4: Aug 2003

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The 3rd version of the design lasted for a while, but as with every design - I got bored with it. A few differences have also occured to the actual site during this design's creation. Say goodbye to LoL and say hello to LanVictims. With that comes a new design and some additional features behind the screen.

Version 3 of the design ended up looking a little washed out, colour-wise. Although physically similar to the previous design, this one has a much darker and more contrasting look. At the moment, I am reasonably happy with it, of course in a while thoughts will no doubt start dwelling on version 5. But for now, here is version 4 of Lanvictims, enjoy.

V5: May 2005

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Well, I knew it. Version 4 actually ended up lasting a while, but it was quite dark and difficult to see on some monitors. This one is much lighter - and green.

It also integrates with the forums, stopping the need for separate logins for the site and the forums. There are also a number of other behind the scenes updates, mostly for ease of updating.

Lots of work on this one.

V5a: April 2006

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Over the previous year, a few additional features were added to the site. As these new features were added, the asthetics of them varied slightly to the original version 5 design. Eventually most of the site was brought around to this newer look. I suppose this could be referred to as version 5a.

V6: April 2007

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Wow! Has it really been one year? Although I still don't mind the design of version 5, the fact that it is now version 5a has created a somewhat mismatch of styles, which I didn't like as it looked a bit messy.

The premise for this design was simple: make things neat and tidy. I have kept the green tinge, although its hue has shifted slightly more to the blue. The main change is the site has been simplified greatly. Anything that was unnecessary was removed. Anything that was untidy was cleaned up.

I hope you like it.

V6a: March 2008

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Not a great deal of work on this. Just a bit of a refresh of the design.

Continuing with the objectives of version 6 in mind, the goals of this update were to make it look a little more slick whilst continuing to simplify the site.

In addition to the asthetic changes, the HTML and CSS were simplified as well as modernised, but I didn't do a rewrite from scratch, although I was tempted.

I hope you enjoy the result of this little update.

V6b: September 2007

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A very minor tweak. Just removing a few items that are no longer required, and a bit of a clean up.